Our suppliers are in the spotlight


France Halotis

Sylvain Huchette moved to Plouguerneau and created France Haliotis in 2004 specialising in deep sea mollusc farming, he takes care of the birth to the marketing of abalones also know as the Ear of Venus. These Molluscs take between 3 and 5 years to reach a respectable size (4 and 9 cm), abalones are authorized for shore fishing from the 1st of september to the 14th of june inclusive.

Les vaches de Lesnevez

A family farm since 1987 in Plouhinec, the Le Bot created a dairy processing laboratory in 2015, and a new breed of cow: La jersiaise. They prepare and market cream, butter, yogurts, cottage cheese, ice cream and mature cheese.


29 years ago P. & et M-D Plan created Marinoë in Plobannalec-Lesconil. In the 1990s, seaweed farming was almost non existent, they became the first in Europe to cultivate this edible seaweed.

Makurazaki France Katsuobushi

Established in Concarneau in August 2016, the factory managed by G Perhirin is specialized in the production of Katsuobushi, made with fillets of skipjack tuna (bonito). It is cooked, smoked, dried and transformed into shavings. The vessels fish skipjack tuna in the Indian Ocean before being chartered to the breton port. The first Breton katsuobushi was marketed in 2017 for all Japonese restaurants in Europe.

Ty Tropik

Yann Métayer launched the project in Plomeur in June 2019 with the help of his father. They offer more than 40 varieties of vegetables and fruits, classics vegetables, but also an original and unique variety and 100% Breton, with the idea of promoting and sharing their know-how at the local level. It develops the culture of spices and aromatics from all over the world.

Atelier des saveurs

Located in Benodet, JM Guilbault converted the family restaurant into a workshop for artisanal production of sweet and savory gourmet specialties with his wife Loren. In 2011, he became the best jam maker in France, a suppoter of the short cicuit ; some of the fruits/ vegetables comes from the garden.

Terre de pêche

Emmanuel Garrec is a fishmonger in loctudy, son of a fisherman. In 2009, he imagined a marine version of vegetable baskets. He sells his fish and shellfish directly to individuals.

Les jardins de Trelen

Opened in April 2016,C. Nihouarn offers a production of small red fruits with straberries (ciflorette, cirafine), but also raspberries, blackcurrants, currants-clusters ; and also : aromatic plants ans plants for herbal teas it produces on site such as verbena, mint, lemon balm, thyme, chamomile, etc… and wild picking of sage, elderberryand nettle.

La ferme de Kérautret

Eric Roussel & his son are organic producers and breeders (pork, duck, beef) in Tréméoc. They feed the livestock with cereals grown on site. 3 years ago, they diversified by breeding angus cows and let nature do as much as possible.

La ferme de l’Anse du Pouldon

Family farm located in the town of Pont L’Abbé and created in 1981. It offers a wide choice of local products from different producers in southern Finistère. They want to have as much as possible an ecological approach and respect the principles of sustainable development.[/vc_columnn>